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Webinar: Antenna Design and Platform Integration Analyses Using HFSS

As wireless devices become more portable and are expected to perform more functions, the antennas embedded in them are becoming more complex. In some cases a single antenna is expected to operate over several frequency bands, cover a wide frequency range or conformally fit into a tight package where it couples strongly with its surroundings. In addition to these more stringent requirements, cost and schedule are always a concern so engineers are expected to do more with fewer design iterations. To reduce the risk associated with these trends companies have turned to HFSS to perform design trade-offs and investigate how the antenna integrates into its platform.

With HFSS’s accurate solutions and detailed visualizations, design issues can be identified and addressed early in the process avoiding costly late stage design changes. This is achieved through HFSS’s accurate solutions and its ability to visualize fields throughout the model. Recent enhancements to HFSS have allowed users to co-simulate HFSS projects with Ansoft Designer to evaluate antennas with complex feed circuits. To complement HFSS, a new Antenna Design Kit has been created that simplifies geometry creation and automatically setup the analysis.

This webinar will begin with a brief explanation of HFSS and how it is used to reduce the risks associated with designing today’s antennas. It will use a variety of antennas from different industries to show how antenna engineers not familiar with HFSS can quickly become familiar. The webinar will then progress by illustrating advanced techniques that allow engineers to look beyond the antenna and begin considering how it interacts with the system or platform into which it is integrated.

Join us for this free one-hour webinar and see how our users are benefiting from the insight that computer simulation offers.

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